Game List


Game Date Role
Comet  1985  Artwork Details
High Speed  1986  Backglass Art Details
Grand Lizard  1986  Design and Backglass Art Details
Pinbot  1986  Concept, Design, Art Details
Big Guns  1987  Design, Art Details
Cyclone  1988  Art Details
Taxi  1988  Concept, Art Details
Jokerz!  1988  Design Details
Police Force  1989  Art Details
Bad Cats  1989  Art Details
Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball  1991  Concept, Art Details
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot  1991  Concept, Design Details
Hurricane  1991  Art Details
Fish Tales  1992  Concept Details
Popeye Saves the Earth  1994  Design, Art Details
The Pinball Circus  1994  Design Details
Flipper Football  1996  Design Details
Zingy Bingy  1996  Concept, Design Details



Game Date Role
Joust 1982 Art, Animation Details
Bubbles 1982 Designer, Art Details
Sinistar 1983 Sound Recordist Details
Star Rider 1983 Concept, Design, Artwork Details
Inferno 1984 Designer Details